Services Defined

Fueled facilitates enterprise wide transformation employing strategic work-streams that deliver tangible results:

• Portfolio, Program and Project Management
• Process Optimization
• Business Analysis
• Risk and Compliance Management

• Data Analysis

Portfolio, Program and Project Management:

Empowered and directed Portfolio, Program and Project Management ensures that limited funds and resources are productively applied across the enterprise to projects that support business strategy, assuring a return on project investment and ultimately a positive addition to the bottom-line. Projects combine ideas with resources, skills and technology in order to achieve business objectives. Project Management ensures risks are identified and managed with the result that projects are completed successfully within budget, time and with the required quality.

Properly implemented Project Management principles, processes and practices have a significant impact on the business drivers of time, cost and quality to market. Fueled Consulting has implemented mission critical projects across a number of key industries demonstrating its ability to anticipate and effectively address market needs and business requirements.

Business Analysis:

Quality of Service and Implementation success depends entirely on how well a business understands and documents its business, user and functional requirements. Our consultants translate your business, system and IT requirements into a format that is understandable and implemental.

Here at Fueled, we ensure that your business requirements are elicited, analyzed, communicated and validated, with the sole purpose of finding a measurable and quantifiable solution that satisfies stakeholder specifications. Our Business Analysts utilize standardized and recognized methodologies that promise a high level of predictability; constantly testing all assumptions and addressing the constraints that prevent your organization from delivering on its strategic objectives.

Business Process Engineering

We understand that process is more than Just a graphical representation of a sequence of activities. We view process as a value chain that cuts across an entire organization, mobilizing key activities to guide the organization’s strategic direction. Reduced cycle times, improved process costing and increased profit margins provide a solid foundation for client-centric organizations.

Streamlining a business process has a ripple effect throughout the organization; every process improvement initiative assists the delivery of strategic and business objectives. Fueled Process experts deliver competitive advantages by providing a consistent and structured approach that incorporates a blend of tools to ensure credible delivery of measurable results.

Risk and Compliance Management

Increasing pressures exerted by Market forces ensure that due processes and prudent governance is keenly observed. A unique methodology coupled with dedicated Project, Process and Business Consultants enables Fueled to assist major players in financial, telecommunications and government sectors to comply with these regulatory requirements.

Fueled is able to provide Risk and Regulatory Consultants that are experienced in the implementation of Risk Management and Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering Initiatives, Public Management Finance Act and the National Credit Act within all market sectors. Through the implementation of a thorough risk management procedure that aligns with your product or software development methodology, business risk is minimized, thus realizing:

• Reduced development costs
• Reduced risk to critical system components
• Reduce financial risk
• Reduce legal exposure
• Data integrity
• Complete functionality