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Fueled represents a new breed of multi-disciplinary consulting experts, well versed in the multitude of business analysis techniques and project management standards. We innovate and implement; we deliver measurable outcomes and we strive to set the industry standard in the vast and ever expanding commerce of consulting. We demonstrate our consulting expertise by delivering Projects and Client Support through the application of sound Program and Project Management practices. Our business beliefs and manners predicate efficient delivery in all areas of business; specifically in Project Management and Business Analysis where it is so much needed. Successful delivery requires the translation from ideas and goals into reality. It is about a true understanding of the importance of achieving objectives, milestones, time frames and honoring personal and business commitments.

Fueled, as a company, was initiated to embrace transformation and change as we accept personal responsibility to deliver effectively and with the utmost respect for our Clients objectives. Through improved preparation we will be able to manage and influence change rather than abdicating it to someone else or, even worse, pleading ignorance of the need for it. Basic disciplines underpin effective delivery and those that succeed in understanding and effectively preparing the basics “right first time” will benefit from the positive results and the fruits of success.

Fueled trusts that the information provided will give you a clear perspective of the contribution we are able to make and invite you to contact our Team to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your objectives.

Fueled consultants partner with their clients to meet and exceed expectations by consistently completing projects with excellence; achieving results effectively, efficiently and veraciously. Properly implemented Project Management and Business Analysis principles, processes and practices have a significant impact on the business drivers of time, cost and quality to market. How a company delivers on its promises strongly affects customer perception; brand value and brand equity. Empowered and directed Portfolio, Program and Project Management ensures that limited funds and resources are productively applied across the enterprise to projects that support business strategy and objectives assuring a Return on Project Investment and ultimately a positive addition to the bottom-line. Project Management and Business Analysis are recognized as professional disciplines that contribute to a significant competitive advantage to enterprises that embrace these principles and effectively address key business imperatives such as:​

  • Governance
  • Standardization
  • Fit Gap Analysis

  • Third Party Vendor Capability Analysis

  • Project and Program Operational execution

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